Do You Refinish Leather Furniture?

Sorry, but we do not do this type of work

Do you Recolour Leather?

Sorry, but we do not undertake this type of work.

Can You Replace My Soft/Flat Cushion Interiors?

Yes. We have a selection of different foam grades and thicknesses that will suit your best requirements and comfort.

Do You Do Replacement Recliner Cables or Handles?

Yes. We can make a site visit to determine which cable/handle you have or feel free to pop in and show us.

Can You Collect?

Yes. We can collect your furniture and deliver it back to you when it's done free of charge.

Can You Supply Insurance Estimates?

Yes. We are frequently asked to provide insurance estimates we do have a charge for this service but this is refunded on completion of your order.

My Sofa Seat Feels Soft and the Springs Are Sticking through..

We can remove the upholstery and replace the springs as well as the padding so it's back to new again.

Can I Pop into The Shop at Any Time?

Yes, but please ring before making a journey to ensure we are here.

Contact our upholsterers in Chelmsford, Essex, when you have any further questions